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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. >> we have just received word that the mother handed over her two children about 90 minutes ago and that they were reunited with their father less than a half an hour ago. deborah villalon is following
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this developing story. we are getting video of that reunion right now and we will go to deborah for the update. >> in the meantime, hundreds of people marched through oakland's fruitvale district demanding safety improvements after the shocking abduction of a city leader. >> reporter: the city of oakland is already talking about putting four cameras out here facing the street so they can catch anything that happens out here on video. of course, today the focus was on this. this memorial was been growing outside the restaurant where he became a leader in this community. [ inaudible ] . >> reporter: marching down the same block, some are scared to walk alone. this crowd of about 300 carried signs in english and spanish down international boulevard to the old tires restaurant where the owners were shot and
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killed. >> he was like part of the family. we have known him for so many years. >> reporter: gonzalez was shocked by the violent death of a man who was trying to make his neighborhood safer. in spanish this woman told us she is afraid more than she has ever been. oakland mayor jean kwan comforted family members and said this force is out on the street to make a difference. >> it's really a tribute i think to our young people saying that they want an end to the violence. >> reporter: oakland police say they are stepping up patrols. the department is spending $150,000 of overtime to focus on hot spots. [ inaudible ] we are hoping for justice. it is really messed up and i hope they find the people that killed him. >> reporter: we checked again
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tonight and police have still not been able to give us a good dripping of his killers but they are looking for a 2000 grey buick regal or pontiac with 20-inch rims. the memorial you are looking the live tonight could get even bigger. friends, family and supporters say they will be back out here again tomorrow. live in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. the coastguard told us that crews are still searching for a man who vanished near ocean beach in san francisco.
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>> following reports of suspicious circumstances. the bodies of a man and a woman were discovered inside. the victims were both in their early 50s. their identities have not yet been released. the investigators are not releasing any additional information. >> governor brown may be changing strategies and pursuing tax extensions without voter approval. the governor made the comments yesterday in riverside. the first stop in his stateline tour. under his new plan, california. s would not get to vote on that but would vote to undo those imposed by the governor. governor says californians will otherwise face more budget cuts. >> we are now looking at a $13 billion deficit. and it will get worse. education will bear a hefty
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burden if we don't get the taxes extended. are. >> reporter: the governor says if the voters undo any legislative approved consultation they will be forced to close that multimillion dollars deficit. >> they named colonel baldwin as his pick as the new head of the california national guard. colonel baldwin seen here in a 2008 interview. >> the government is up and running after democrats and republicans finally reached a budget compromise at literally the 11th hour. president obama marked the hard- fought battle with a quick trip out of the white house surprising visitors at the nearby lincoln memorial. >> i just wanted to say really
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quick that we were able to settle our differences and that's why this place is open today and everybody is able to enjoy their visit. and that's what kind of cooperation we will have going forward because this is what america is all about. >> reporter: congress passed a temporary spending measure last night and will have until friday to cast the total vote. they have $33 million from the remaining 2011 budget. engineers in japanese may have to release water from that nuclear plant. some of the water has been diverted through a waste dispersal facility but it continues to fill the trenches. the contaminated water has hampered work to stabilize the plant damaged in the march earthquake and tsunami. meanwhile, tokyo electric announced today that it will
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take at least ten years to clean up radioactive contamination around that plant. while japan is now in the midst of rebuilding, there was a celebration today in san francisco to honor the country and its rebirth. john sasaki was at the kickoff of this year's cherry blossom festival that is taking on added significance. >> reporter: the cherry blossom has been common to japanese culture for more than 1300 years. in san francisco, the cherry blossom festival is in its 44th year. >> the disaster in japan weighs heavily. there is still a lot of stuff going on there. and we know that there is a radiation threat but there are hundreds of thousands in emergency shelters and over
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100,000 children. >> they know that all too well. her two grandchildren are living in a shelter in sendaei. >> we all want to help. and it geese in there and then 2--- goes in there. [ inaudible ]
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>> click on the u.s. and world news tab. there you will find a link to a special section. >> an important vote is set for monday in san francisco that could affect the future of mayor ed lee. mayor lee agreed to fill the rest of outgoing gavin newsom's term with the understanding he would be able to return to his post as city administrator. but right now city rules prevent a mayor from being appoint today a full-time job after leaving office. they are voting monday on a proposal to make exceptions for people appointed to the office of mayor supervisor. a bay area reporter working on a story involving the former muslim bakery in oakland says he received a death threat. according to the bay area news group producer josh richmond was working on a story about an alleged real estate scam. someone called him and said: "if you write that story you will end up like your friend chauncy." that is a reference to chauncy
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bailey. the confessed killer bressard says he was following orders from the muslim bakery. oakland police. in the bailey murder trial youself bay the fourth and antoine macky are being tried together on charges connected to the deaths of both bailey and two other men in 2007. bressard has testified that they ordered the killing because of a negative story bailey was working on because of the bakery. he has identified macky as the getaway driver. a scott valley man was under arrest tonight accused of making a false bomb threat. they arrested christopher childers this afternoon. the police say childers entered a business in the 900 block of pacific avenue downtown. they say he put down a wooden box and then quickly left. then they say he came back, yelled something about explosive materials and then left again. police determined the wooden box was harmless. soon after that, they spotted
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childers nearby and arrested him. >> speaker john perez says the protection of people in the capitol building should be left to the sergeant at arms office and the highway patrol. [ music ] >> part of sfo gets a facelift. we will show you what travelers can expect starting next week. >> nfl stars left behind the gridiron today and showed their skills on the basketball court. we will tell you why the athletic switch happened. >> also the emerging faces
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. four people survived a small plane crash today in southern california. the plane on a roof. the federal aviation administration says the beachcraft bonanza was trying to land at an airport 35 miles northwest of la. the plane hit the top of a building and caught fire. one person was hospitalized with serious injuries. no one on the ground was hurt. federal investigators are looking into the accident. san francisco airport's old international terminal has been reborn. as ktvu's ken prichett shows us not only is the terminal
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different than it used to be it is the beginning of the renovations. >> reporter: sfo's terminal 2 has been a three-year work in progress. today it came alive with a crowd busy as a travel crowd. >> it's as sexy as an airport terminal can get anyway. >> reporter: they are visitors to an open house in advance of the first flights on thursday. >> a great celebration. very exciting to see terminal 2 open and seeing the public here and seeing what a great facility we have brought online. >> reporter: the original terminal was built in 1954 and refurbished in 1984. this cost $334 million. >> it is great. perfect for san francisco. you've got the whole napa valley food thing. >> reporter: it is touted as one of the greenest terminals in the nation. american airlines and virgin america will operate here. >> i looked at our projections for the next four years. we will be doubling flights here. over 80 flights a day versus 40 flights a day. we need gates to do that. >> well, obviously since this
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is an open house security is not an issue. but that will change first thing monday morning. security measures will be in place. and even though there are no flights until thursday access to the gates will be restricted just like any other terminal. >> the police will also be coming through with dogs and doing a thorough inspection. so we will be looking at every corner to make sure that the area is sterile and becomes an active boarding area. >> reporter: sfo says the modern touches in terminal 2 now dates its other domestic term falling -- terminals which is next in life for renovation in the next five years. ktvu, channel 2 news. there were some scary moments today for passengers aboard an alaska airlines flight headed for hawaii. flight 869 had just taken off from sacramento international airport at 10:00 this morning when a bird struck one of the plane's engines. well, the pilot quickly returned the plane to sacramento as a precaution. none of the 163 passengers and crew members were injured. the passengers were then put on another plane and arrived in
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maui just before 4:00 hawaii time. in the east bay today some professional football players swapped their cleats for basketball shoes. [ applause ] >> blainy college was the scene of a big benefit game today between the oakland police officer's association and members of the nfl. the event was held by the best route foundation, a non-profit set up by devon best. he went to oakland skyline high school and is a wide receiver for the miami dolphins. >> the big reason why i wanted to do this was just to show the support and love for the local high schools. i know they may be losing their sports programs because of the economy and the recession. i feel like god put me into a situation to do something about it. i want to make the most of it. >> it was a close game with the nfl team winning by just two points 70-68. organizers say the event raised at least $5,000 for the foundation.
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a colourful parade made its way through parts of san francisco to honor the late civil rights leader cease arrest chavez. it was the 11th annual ceasar chavez festival. hundreds came out to march through the city's mission district honoring both ancient traditions. he fought for worker rights and co-founded the united farmer's mission. >> he sacrificed his life for the rights of workers. he is an inspiration to us all to continue fighting for social justice. >> the festival followed the parade at noon. he died in 1993, march 31st is ceasar chavez day and eight states including california. >> a new block of voters is developing. latino ares becoming a force in national politics. in some states politicians already know how necessary it is to court those votes.
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phil creating reports. -- keating reports. >> reporter: from the cuban americans in miami to the mexican americans of california, latin americans in the united states now number more than 50 million strong. >> 1-6 in the united states is latino. 1-4 children is latino. this is a great opportunity for the country to be more inclusive of the latino community in their agenda. >> reporter: according to the national association of latino elected officials, their agenda is education, economy and immigration. for political candidates in 2012, those are three issues and a growingly powerful demographic that will have to be addressed. in 1980, america's latino population was just under 15 million. since then, it has more than trim tripled. the states with the most latinos is california and florida and new york. the swing state is florida with
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29 electoral college votes making capturing the latin votes in the sunshine state more relevant and critical to winning in 2012 and beyond. the past election history in florida indicates if you win hispanics, you win the general election. in november, republican marco rubio became senator pulling 55% of the latino vote. in 2008 president obama took the vote. historically hispanics vote 60% of the time for democrats and 38% for republicans. but political analysts say next year the latino votes is up for grabs. >> whoever is more successful in avoiding mistakes and appealing to the latino will probably win the stakes in the 2012 presidential election. >> reporter: once again it may all come down to florida and specifically florida's latino
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voters. in miami, phil keith keating fox news. >> a reunion between a father and his two children suspected of being taken away by their mother in just two minutes. and the critical rebel strong hold in libya remains under siege. >> you have probably seen his films. you may not know his face. tell you about the film legend that passed away this weekend. >> we currently have cloudy skie
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. libyan rebels and troops loyal to colonel moammar gadhafi today fought for the key city of abdajbia. at least eight people were killed. connell powell reports even with nato air strikes, the outcome is far from certain. >> reporter: heavy fighting continued again here today in libya as rebel forces were
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pushed back into the town of ajdabia. a few days ago it appeared that the rebels were pushing into brega. but in the passed 24 hours moammar gadhafi's have pounded them with military mortars and pounded them. the pro moammar gadhafi forces have moved into brega. it is key because it would allow them to launch an attack. it would deny the rebels a buffer zone protecting bengazi. this comes at a time when the african union has announced they are sending a delegation to both tripoli to meet with pro moammar gadhafi forces and leaders and also the leaders of the rebel movement to try to find some type of diplomatic or political solution to this war that has been raging for nearly two months. in libya, connell powell, fox
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news. authorities say a gunman who shot today six people and then himself at a shopping mall near amsterdam today claimed to have planted bombs at three locations. police cordoned off other shopping malls in that area but failed to find any explosives. authorities say the man left a suicide note and another message that they have yet to release. the 24-year-old was a member of a gun club and was licensed to own fire firearms. in other news of the world tonight, in ivory coast soldiers loyal to bagbo broke through this security perimeter around the presidential palace today. troops supporting the duly elected president have been moving 0 in on the strong man until a cease fire was called earlier this week. bagbo's troops opened fire on a french helicopter today but no french soldiers were injured. in gaza, hamas fired more than 30 rocket into israel today prompting four re tall to
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re tall united nation air strikes which killed three militants. this video shows militants fleeing from a cemetery from a missile launch. it follows a hamas attack injuring two israelis on a road near gaza. in yemen tens of thousands of protestors took to the streets today. witnesses say that security men in plainclothes beat protestors in the capitol but in the city government troops opened fire on the protestors. it is estimated at least 120 people have been killed since the demonstrations began calling for the ouster of the president on february 11th. award winning director sydney lavette has died. his career included dog day afternoon, murder on the orient express and network. >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. he starred in television but quickly moved to feature films, making his debut with 12
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angry men. he directed more than 40 films and received an honorary oscar in 2005. the 86-year-old died after a long battle with lymphoma. take you back to our top story and developing news out of the north bay. two salano children missing and in danger in the passed 24 hours have been sound safe tonight. deborah villalon is live now at the sheriff's department in fairfield where the kids were reunited with their father. >> reporter: dana, statewide alert and turmoil for their family. they were with their mother who was feared to be mentally unstable. but about a half hour ago, the siblings were reunited with their father after their mother surrendered with them at travis air force base, ending the search. these are the photos of 5-year- old kaylee stewart and 10-year- old heyden stewart after their
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mother drove away to get milk she said at a nearby market. but the woman never returned. >> she has been having some paranoia issues and thinking that people are trying to spy on her and trying to steal her identity. >> robert stewart says his wife of 17 years has become erratic since getting on prescription painkillers for fibromyalgia. they have five children. the youngest is ten months. the oldest is 14. and although she hasn't explicitly threatened to harm them, she has made some disturbing web searches lately. >> she was on the computer when i came to the door and she was looking up children who had killed their parents. and then parents who had killed their children. >> reporter: stewart told detectives he feared his wife might flee the area because she had squirreled away a tax refund of $8,000 and had secretly ordered new credit cards. but as it turned out, they had not traveled far. and just after 8:00 tonight to, the two kids were recovered and
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reunited with their dad. she is in custody and being questioned and her husband hopes she will now get the help she needs. reporting live in fairfield, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. a good ending to that. thanks, deborah. coming up thousands wait outside the coliseum in oakland but not to see a game or a concert. >> also massive and out of control tonight, what sparked this lar
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. thousands of people spent last night outside the oakland coliseum. more will camp out there tonight. they are not waiting out in line for music or a sporting event. it is all about their health.
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>> reporter: they filled the hallways of the 0 example observing coliseum as close to 1,000 packed the stadium for a chance to see a doctor, dentist or optometrist for free. >> cross-section of america. not the homeless, necessarily. not the unemployed. but people who have jobs. people that just simply cannot afford the services. >> reporter: a non-profit called remote medical organized this four day clinic. >> a large percentage of the population running into probably 50 million at least simply cannot afford to go to the dentist or the eye doctor. and so this is the only recourse that they have. >> reporter: bundled up in coats and blankets, several hundred people camped outside the coliseum overnight just to secure a spot. >> i got here by bart about 12:30 last night. >> reporter: like many of the people whose numbers were called. >> 116. >> reporter: this woman says she can't afford health insurance. >> i used to have it through my job. but to continue cobra is really expensive. >> reporter: the entire gomez family also camped out. her mother walked her wants her
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daughter to see an optometrist. >> do you need you might need a glasses? >> yes, i had them and then i grew out of them. >> reporter: the supplies are donated. >> a lot of times health becomes a second priority over putting food on your contain. >> reporter: organizers still need more volunteers for like this for monday&tuesday's. need medical professionals to work in the dental field they will take anybody who is willing to show up here at 5:00 on monday morning to help out. allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. the san francisco high-tech building may become the big high-tech building. they are talking about turning an islands printing plant and empty office space into a high- tech innovation center. city officials will be back in bankruptcy court next week.
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city leader also meet in the judge on monday and april 25th in hopes of reaching an agreement to exit bankruptcy. they declared chapter 9 bankruptcy in may of 2008 and have had to lay-off police and other city workers since then. they are asking them to reduce pension pay outs to retired city workers and pay unsecured creditors far less than they are owed. apple is looking into connect activity issues with the verizon ipad 2. some customers say they can'tconnect to their ipads to their 3g wireless network. online forums have filling up with complaints from verizon customers about connection issues. apple issued a statement saying a small group of customers are having issues. the company says they are looking into the problem. there is word of a shakeup among top executives at gag will just google just days after larry page returned to his job as ceo. analysts say page is trying to restore a sense of urgency and innovation. he picked seven executives to
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run googles most important divisions including youtube and the chrome browser. they will report directly to him in an effort to cut out bureaucracy and speed up decision-making. there is also word page plans to link employee bonuses to the success of google's social networking plans. >> the death toll from yesterday's fireworks explosion in hawaii rose today to five. the explosion happened a at a former military bunker used to house con if i skated fireworks. the five men killed worked for a company contracted to dispose of the fireworks. a sixth man sustained minor injuries. explosions continued for hours yesterday preventing firefighters from entering the bunker. a massive wildfire is now burning -- burning out of control tonight in west texas and could worsen because of dry windy conditions. the blaze has already charred more than 61,000-acres and tonight it is zero percent contained. about 100 members of the texas forest service have been fighting that both from lands and the air. two unoccupied homes have
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burned and some livestock have also been killed. but so far no animals are sleep threatened. tomorrow portions of the great highway will be closed from slope boulevard to lincoln way. the event runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. free bike rentals and free bike repairs and free wall mural painting are all a part of tomorrow's festivities. sunday's streets is held the second sunday of every month from april until september. for a list of other events taking place around the bay area go to and click on the weekend extra tab near the top of the page. the port of san francisco staff has made its pick for the company that will develop pier 70 area at the naval shipyard. they recommended the forest city company to create three million square feet of new office space, restore 700,000 feet of historic buildings and 20-acres of open space.
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forest city was selected over the mission bay development group, the pacific waterfront partners and a joint venture between tmg partners and the sabrato organization. the full port commission is set to vote on the matter on april 12th. >> charlie sheen takes a bait out of the big apple. but did his sold out one man show win over fans? well, we have one man's very harsh review. >> the bronx cheer. a very chilly area for part
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[ music ] well, nice to have more sunshine across most of the bay area today. we did have a knew cloud buildups especially across the higher terrain but the main storm clouds have moved out of
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town. live stormtracker 2 just some higher clouds to our north and west. also noticed some lower clouds investigate and patchy fog resurfacing near the coast and part of the bay. we do have clear skies up in the north bay and as a result temperatures already cooling off into the 40s eventually on track to reach the low to mid- 30s overnight. here is a look at the overall weather story. patchy fog and temperatures in the cool side. some scattered clouds out there. wind speeds do pick up into the afternoon hours once again. winds 10-20 miles per hour. the extended forecast a sun cloud mix with the chance of a shower on wednesday. a slight chance before that point as well. forecasted lows tomorrow morning you can see napa right around 35. hayward 45 degrees. san jose is 41 and livermore in the upper 30s right around 39 degrees. sunday streets in san francisco you can see right near the golden gate park partly to mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy observations during the afternoon hours. temperatures on the cool side
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if you are heading to ocean beach and golden gate park the temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s. this is a setup for tomorrow. high pressure already returning. as a result mild temperatures for most of the region away from the coast primarily in the 60s. we will have some low clouds and fog out there. as we do take this into your monday here is the timeline. you can see what happens this frontal system moves into the north and west basically falling apart over the bay area. it will generate a few clouds and the slight chance of a few sprinklings just up in the north bay. it will be to the north. but a slight chance is closer to sonoma account county. the model is showing you at 6:00 tomorrow morning some low clouds out there and higher clouds. as we put this into motion for the noon hour partly cloudy skies. by monday a light chance of a sprinkle. but by late monday afternoon the clouds are moving out of town. the forecast for tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies.
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by 12:00 a sun cloud mix. and then by 3:00 partly cloudy, upper 50s to the low to mid- 60s. tomorrow not a big change from today's highs. san jose will go 64. san mateo will be 61. a look ahead the key headline here no major storms insight. possibility of a few sprinkles targeting the north on monday. a few chance of showers on wednesday. warms back up for thursday and friday. heather and ken dealing with all of these storms. nice to go for a hike and see the green hills out there. we should have a chance over the next few days. >> looks like ireland out there. all of the hills are bright green. >> the hills and the creeks are just beautiful. >> thanks, mark. >> well, charlie sheen's tour rolled into new york city this weekend. but it isn't exactly winning good reviews. the two shows at radio city music hall are sold out. the new york run of my violent torpedo of truth defeat is not an option tour kicked off last
12:12 am
night. while some fans said the show was great many called it disastrous. >> absolutely horrible. horrible. very disappointing. >> what did you think was the worst part? >> let's see, the beginning, the middle, oh, yeah, and the end. >> well, sheen performed tonight. his second performance at radio city music hall is set for tomorrow night. see if he gets better reviews then. the giants are a thrilling
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[ music ] >> good evening everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. the giants seem to be doing their best to try to top what
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they did in their world championship season of 2010. make it two home games in the young season and two walk-off wins. before the game the moment every player hopes to experience at least once in his career, giants scored a gold lettered uniforms as they were presented with their 2010 world series championship ring. most of those on the roster november 1st were there to receive them. giants also presented rings to their hall of famers. maize received his from andres torres. he also owns a 1954 giants world series ring. other bay area champions were invited to take part. al adders from the warriors. steve young from the 49ers and jackson from the as. they gathered for one more team photo opportunity. making the most of the start tonight with a flare right scores pat burly. the only run garcia allowed in
12:16 am
six innings. matt cane allowed two runs in 7. st. louis got the one run back in the 6th when he unleashed the wild pitch which made it a 1-1 game. then in the 7th an impressive blast went to the deepest part of the ballpark and carries out on the night when the ball wasn't carry. 2-1 cardinals. miguel batist at that came on for st. louis and in the 8th sanchez ended the threat. but as they did yesterday, the giants are some late inning drama left in them. miguel tejada with two on and two out in the 9th he hits one that would have been out on another night. it makes it to the warning track where they get the glove on it. both runners come home. for the second day in a row the giants stage an impromptu celebration on the infield. they sent everybody home after 9. this time 3-2. tejada a
12:17 am
newspaper member of the giants this year did not get a ring but is making his presence known in the team's attempt to win a second one. >> watching those guys get the ring today. and when they get to that i just got it in my mind that, you know, that's my opportunity that i can be this year one of those guys. >> a motivational tool? >> used it that for motivation and not only tonight but for the whole season. because what they did tonight was so special. >> runs have not come in abundance for the as but tonight they ran into another team that has had trouble scoring. no longer playing in the dome in minnesota which makes for some cold evenings this time of year. oakland tried to get things going right away against nick blackburn. derek barton tried to score from second. but young's throw was there in plenty of time to cut barton down. he grabbed a cup of coffee before he applied the tag. as didn't get it done in the 1st but they did in the 6th.
12:18 am
and the ground ball and curt suzuki scored from second on a wild pitch. gonzalez put together the second straight strong outing for the as. when jason went down on strike gonzalez was finished after 6 four hit innings. brian fuentes came on for the save in as many tries. hughes ended it. three oakland pitchers make the one run standup for gonzalez. second win. as having trouble generating offense. the twins went 1-15 with a walk. same two teams wrap up the series tomorrow. the red sox are tied with the rays in the al east. tamayo's sam fold was an incredible diving jets to take extra bases away from juan pierre. the bases were led and the highlight ends the inning. the sox hand the rays their 7th loss 4-2. san jose sharks tonight wrapped up their regular season and settled one aspect of the
12:19 am
playoffs picture. they now know their seed in the west but don't yet know who they will be playing. some young fans were at fan appreciation night at the pavilion. for the second night in a row the phoenix coyotes were the opponent. the sharks got on the board from the point. don't often see big joe thornton muscled around but shane doan put thornton on his can. then late in the second the sharks on the powerplay joe pavelski takes the pass from thornton. 2-0 san jose. that's goal number 20 of the year for pavelski. the coyotes cut the deficit 2-1 in the third. that's when the sharks made sure they would put this one away with a minute and a half left dan heatly centered for couture who was turned away but not the second time. sharks get the padding and their 7th straight win at home 3-1 with 105 points they nailed down the number two spot in the west. but they won't find out until
12:20 am
the end of play tomorrow whether they are first opponent in the playoffs will be phoenix or la or chicago. further evidence of golf's changing of the guard in this year's masters in terms of age and national origin. after three rounds the top seven players are all citizens of a country other than the united states. four time winner tiger woods began the day within three strokes of the lead. this for par at 11. woods falls seven back after his 74 today. defending champion and three time winner phil mickelson with a birdie attempt at 13. mickelson won't be wearing a green jacket this year after a 71 that left him nine strokes back. 21-year-old rory mcelroy from northern island started the day up by two. jason day of australia starts this putt way out on one side watch it curl in for birdie on the fifth hole. at one point day had the game to himself but he came back
12:21 am
today with a 72. >> angel cabrerra for birdie on number 8 made the move from the 67. within four strokes. and south korea's choy is in the mix. he needs to do something dramatic on number seven to save par and he did cranking it out. rory separated himself from the others watch the late break on this birdie attempt at 17. he has himself in pretty good position after shooting a 70 today. a four stroke lead headed into tomorrow's final round and a chance to be forever remembered in golf history. here is how they will stand as they start play tomorrow. still to come tonight on sports wrap, a local boxer after two championship belts tonight. tell you how that went wh
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. for two straight weeks kevin ha rvick came from behind to make it three in a row. he would have to do it under the lights at texas motor speedway. he put himself in a hole during a pit spot. he backed into another driver's box. that's a penalty. harvick ended up 20th. the big accident of the night came on lap 215 of 3:34. in the dark car david reagan but mark martin has nowhere to go except hard into the wall. take a look at it onboard with martin. a whole windshe would. he regroups and finished 7th.
12:26 am
met kenzit was the guy who got it done. he won for the 19th time in his career but the first time in more than two years. carl edwards moves in front. clint boyer was second tonight. the woman who brought respectability back to the cal women's basketball program is moving on. joanne boyle will be introduced monday as just the fourth head coach in the 38 year existence of the university of virginia's team. boyle spent six years at ca compiling a 681 winning percentage. one of her highlights was the win at 2007 at stanford, a feat that just doesn't happen at maple's pavilion. during her tenure the boys made four nca and two trips to nit, winning the knit in 2010. in las vegas geurrero went down once in the second round. he gets the best of his opponent here in the fifth. he landed 429 punches to 108.
12:27 am
more the same in the 8th. they did go the full 12 rounds but he won unanimously by lopsided margins of all three judge's cards. he moves up a weight class to take the wba and wbo titles. he is now 29-1-1. and just for the heck of it, let's go to the frozen final four, the ncaa hockey championship. michigan in the yellow jersey it is ties it at 2 by jeff in the second period. they take on minnesota duluth which had never won a championship in 50 years of trying. went to overtime when kyle schmidt put in the game winner. schmidt was the only member of the team who did not dye his hair blond. about to get married. didn't figure that would look so good in the wedding album. 3-2 was the final. 1-1 tie with the earthquakes in toronto. that does it. if you have one of those rings, enjoy it. >> that's right. what a great, great game today. >> absolutely. thanks, joe. >> sure.
12:28 am
>> that is our report for tonight, everyone. be sure to join ktvu mornings at 2 for the latest of tonight's top story the reunion of a father and his
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